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15 of the Best Dog Toys and Gifts for Christmas 2020

15 of the Best Dog Toys and Gifts for Christmas 2020


This past year has panned out to be a doozy! Most of us aren’t sure what we would have done without our pets by our side through all the ups and downs. They snuggled up to us during hours of Netflix binges, listened to the deconstruction of conspiracy theories, helped celebrate virtual weddings and birthdays and sat at our feet through countless zoom meetings. They’ve witnessed us at our very best and our very worst in 2020. So, before we start making our list and checking it twice this holiday season, let’s not forget who deserves that top-notch position on the gift giving Christmas list…our pups! These dog toy and gift ideas are tried and tested by dog owners themselves and can be ordered from the comfort of your own home. So, let’s show some gratitude and spread some Christmas cheer to all the pups who stood by our sides through this past covid year! 

#1 Outward Hound Casino Puzzle 


Price: $19.99

This dog treat dispensing puzzle is the ultimate brain challenger! Pups take a series of steps that unlock drawers of hidden treats. The various obstacles keep dogs engaged and reinforce training concepts of specific actions to reward. This toy is compact, lightweight, no mess and easy to clean.

#2  Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower


Price: $24.99

Need we say more…Bacon! What dog wouldn’t go crazy over these bacon scented blowing bubbles. Bubble blower can be refilled with regular bubble refills, but the bacon scent is the treat that will keep your dog chasing and poppin. This fun toy keeps dogs moving and physically active while having fun at the same time. 

#3 Nerf 12” Blaster and Squeak Ball Gun


Price: $19.99

This is a perfect toy for those dogs who love to do a little retrieving. Not only is playtime fun for pup, but for kids and adults too as you blast a tennis ball 50 feet in the air!

#4 Adidadog


Price: $17.00

Pups need to stay trendy too and this adorable “Adidog” sweatshirt has you covered. Perfect for any size dog with sizes ranging from small to 4XL. 

#5 Chase and Chomp Go Ring


Price: $12.00

Hands down the best chew toy for dogs. It may be simple but what sets it apart is the all- natural, durable rubber that doesn’t shred to pieces. Dogs love that it’s easy to grasp and brightly colored, while we loved that it lasted much longer than most chew toys on the market. 

#6 Three Dogs Bakery Treats


Price: Varies

Pups have been drooling over mouth-watering smells of baked goods seeping from our kitchens all year long. Now it’s time for our pups to indulge! Made from all-natural, healthy, wholesome, high quality ingredients and available in wheat free, grain free as well.  Flavors and decorations vary per season, but any flavor muffin or pupcake was a favorite with pet testers.  For an extra special touch, treats can be personalized and are available in bulk….just in case there’s more than one dog in you’re pawty! 

#7 Talking Babble Ball


Price: $8.00

This talking, growling, wise-crackin, interactive toy will keep dogs entertained for hours. Human voices or animal noises begin when ball is touched and automatically turns off when not played with. Durable plastic that comes in three sizes and various colors. This ball keeps dogs physically active while keeping them humored. 

#8 White Paw Puppy Setzer Squeaky Toys


Price: $17.95/2pk.

Never drink alone again! This squeaky plush chew toy will be as well liked by them as that favorite beverage is to you! Perfect 7” chewable size and comes in two pack…in case they want to share a white paw with a friend!

#9 Mammoth Cotton blend 3 knot Rope


Price: $3.99

Ummmmm are you even a dog owner if you don’t already own one of these? Dogs always love rope toys! These inexpensive three knot ropes leave worries behind if your dog happens to be notorious for destroying high dollar toys.  And they are always great for engaging in a fun, friendly game of tug of war. 

#10 Barkbox


Price: starting at 25/box

This monthly subscription is the gift that keeps giving. Each month a themed box filled with unique toys, healthy treats and surprises are delivered straight to your door. Examples of themes have included “Howloween Lick or Treat” filled with vampy corn squeaky toy and “Jack o’ lamb” treats. Or sign up before Christmas and receive the “Scoob” theme box filled with a crinkle scooby toy and scooby snacks. These boxes keep boredom at bay and are great for sampling and testing new toys and treats!

#11 Mud Buster Paw Cleaner


Price: $24.95

Ok this may be considered more of a gift for pet owners than for pups, but this paw cleaner is worthy of making the list for several reasons. Easy. Easy and Easy. No more messy, muddy paw prints to clean up! Simply dip your pup’s paws into the water filled cup and let the silicone bristles wash away mud and dirt. Best household helper for keeping floors clean for pet owners. But is so quick and easy that your pup will just think of this as a mini paw massage!

#12 Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel


Price: $10.39

This was a favorite! Dogs loved the mental stimulation of seeking out hiding plush squeaky squirrels from the trunk of this tree. Four different sizes available and if squirrels aren’t their thing, go for the hide a bee or hide a hedgie instead.

#13 Dog Christmas Sweater 


Price: $13.00

This Christmas dog sweater gets them ready for the holiday festivities and fun.  Various styles available, but we found simplicity sometimes makes the boldest statement.  “THIS IS My Ugly Sweater” is fun and fits various size pups.

#14 Reflective Dog Collar


Price: $10.95

These waterproof, heavy duty collars are reflective and perfect for keeping dogs visible during walks. The customized free name plate reduces noise and jingling of traditional name tags. Handmade for the perfect comfortable fit and wide range of color selection! 

#15 Matching Reindeer PJ’s


Price: $17.99

Too far? Have we gone too far? Sorry…but these matching dog Christmas pajama sets are seriously cute! So worth checking out and matching up for the family holiday card. And with everyone staying in these days, comfort clothes are the new trend…pups included! 

Written  by:

-Carrie Tippmann

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