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Adoption process:

Step 1

Pick your perfect pup!

Take a look at the puppies we have available. Click “Adopt Me.” 

Step 2

Place deposit & choose a date!

We requite a $450 deposit on all puppies. This will secure your puppy and allow us to prepare him or her for you.

Step 3

Finalize payment & receive your new furry family member!

As always, call us if you have questions…

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

New puppies will need to stay with their mamas for at least 8 weeks after their birthdays. Once your puppy has been weaned, you have two ways to bring your puppy home: pick her up in person, or have us fly her home to you.

Pick-Up In Person

This is the most hassle-free way to bring your new family member home. You’ll just have to wait until your puppy is 8 weeks old, and then you’ll be able to come pick her up! We will send your new puppy home with a special bag of food to help him transition to his new diet, along with a goody bag of new toys.

Flying Home*

We cherish each and every one of our sweet puppies and want to make sure they are comfortable and safe as they travel to meet you. We will not fly any of our pups in temperatures over 80 degrees, or under 20 degrees.

*There is an added fee of $550 for flying your puppy home to you. Included in this cost are the required veterinary visits, a new crate, and the flight itself.

When a puppy gets ready for his big adventure on a plane, we have some special steps to take to ensure he gets home safe and sound.

Every puppy has to have a health certificate to fly. We make sure they have that certificate, which we must obtain no more than 10 days prior to their departure date.

Once we have scheduled your puppy’s flight and have the health certificate, you will receive a copy of the certificate and the airway bill (your puppy’s flight information). The remaining balance for your puppy is due at that time.

On the day of your puppy’s departure, we will contact you via text message as we are heading to the airport and send you a picture. Please make sure you have a copy of your ID when you come to the airport to pick up your puppy. He will arrive with his own little crate, and a special bag of food to help him transition to a new diet in his new home.

We have successfully flown hundreds of puppies without incident. We take the responsibility for their well-being seriously. If you have any major concerns or worries, let’s talk. Flight nannies are an option for concerned new puppy parents, but it does make scheduling more challenging and can delay delivery.

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