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Benefits of Purchasing from a Small Breeder

7 reasons why small breeders are the best place to get your Bernadoodle.
Deciding upon the Bernadoodle breed is an easy task. They are most definitely cute, friendly, affectionate, intelligent…they are the complete package. However, determining where to get your puppy may be an unexpected chore. Rarely does the opportunity arise to rescue a Bernadoodle, and the unethical horror stories of puppy mills has you steering clear of breeders. The pet store was less than appealing when it came to meeting the personalized approach you had in mind. However, the options to finding your perfect Bernadoodle seem to have all but ended with you asking, “how much is that doggy in the window?” But Before you buy from a pet store, here are 7 good reasons to consider purchasing a pup from a small breeder.

Small breeders are Ethical. Adding a family pet is a big decision for every individual and although getting a rescue dog is highly noble, it may not be everyone’s calling. Alternative routes to rescues are not only ethical but often imperative. Temperament and personality are important characteristics to discern but choosing a specific breed may be necessary for various personal reasons from compatibility to health issues. Bernadoodles are highly desirable because of their low to no shed trait. This may be an important aspect for allergy suffers. Bernadoodles make excellent therapy dogs and are ideal for service. They have extremely friendly and affectionate personalities that are compatible for small children and family settings. Or maybe they are just simply exactly what you are looking for in a pet. Whatever your reasons, your entitled to that decision. Adding a specific breed of pet to your home is a personal decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Small breeders will be able to determine if a Bernadoodle may be a good fit for you, but also will not hesitate to defend the puppy if you are not a good fit for them.

Small breeders aim to eliminate health issues. They have an interest in producing pups with higher quality health and characteristic traits. Breeder Sherry Ruptke was the first one to successfully breed a Bernese Mountain dog and a Poodle creating the Bernadoodle. She loved all the traits of both breeds but wanted a dog with a longer life span amongst many other aspects. Because of their 50/50 mix, chances of inheriting health issues common to either breed are much less. In fact, Bernedoodles tend to be healthier overall than their purebred parents. Reputable breeders will always perform health checks before breeding dogs to predict potential health issues. They will look for common conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia and eye and heart disease and have proof of OFA and CERF certificates.

Small breeders of Bernadoodles will make you wait. Because small breeders are more specialized, pups may not be immediately available, and breeders will have waiting lists. According to the Humane Society of the United States, “responsible breeders breed sparingly and will only specialize in one or a few breeds.” Quality over quantity is the goal. Breeders of one specific breed tells you they are passionate about their breed. The less breed options they offer, the more knowledgeable they are about their specific breed. Maybe your heart is set on the look of a Tri Color Bernadoodle, or maybe the micro Bernadoodle is the right size for you. Selecting the perfect Bernadoodle can be a great experience but sometimes you may have to wait for that experience to come.

Small breeder pups receive personalized attention. Oftentimes, small breeding is a side income that is not a livelihood. Good breeders are passionate animal lovers and work in connection with the assistance of a professional vet. They seek enjoyment of pups over competition for a sale. Not always the case, but oftentimes larger pet chain stores acquire pups from outsourced larger breeders who are incentivized to produce litters quickly. Rather than specialized attention and concerns for health and safety. Demands for several litters at a time can diminish the priority for attention. A small breeder will have time and slowly introduce various stimuli such as children, animals, and car rides. They will also engage with puppies often to ensure proper bonding for transitions.

Small breeders allow you to see where and who your pup comes from. Good breeders will be open and honest about lineage, can answer or provide health records of breeding dogs and will have no problems with your desire to see living conditions. They will encourage visits, and many have live cam feeds inside their kennels. Kennels should always be clean, well maintained and temperature controlled and there should be ample yard space for exercise and play. Many small breeders offer a guardian program. Guardian programs eliminate the need for kennels altogether and provide an in-home experience for breeder dogs. A guardian candidate will exchange the cost of a puppy for future breeding rights of their pup. All round transparency will not be a problem for good small breeders.

Small breeders have reputations. And they aren’t always bad. Many people have wonderful experiences from beginning to end with selecting their pup. And they tend to share that information with others. Small breeders rely on word of mouth so integrity, openness, and quality of their encounter with you is extremely important. Breeders who are authentically concerned for your pup will receive good reviews and recommendations. Although AKC is an established resource for finding good breeders, crossbred puppy breeders are not eligible as being recognized as AKC. Small, professional breeders are often able to share information about current or upcoming litters on personal websites, but ultimately even recognizing their website is up to word of mouth.

Small breeders will make you wait…again! Puppies need to remain with their mother for at least 8-10 weeks of age. Allowing a pup to go home too early can have long term negative effects. The first weeks are important not only for socialization of puppies but for weaning purposes as well. Puppies learn from their brothers and sisters how to interact, play, and communicate. Littermates help form temperament and behaviors as well. Because vaccinations are required at specific ages, good breeders will administer first and second set of shots. They are knowledgeable and equipped to provide instructions when it is time for your Bernadoodle to go home. When the myths surrounding small breeders is finally debunked and your pup is in your care, no other saying will ring truer…. that Good things come to those who wait!

Written by: Carrie Tippmann

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