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How to Get Rid of Dog Smell?

Dogs do not sweat as much as humans do. Unlike humans, they do not have liquid sweat pouring from their pores and rolling off their skin. However, they sweat from their paws and emit light perspiration from their hair follicles, which has a chemical aroma unique to the dog. But how to get rid of …

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What Breeds Get Along with Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles are one of the most beautiful designer dogs who are loyal and companionable. This gentle dog enjoys the company of other dogs. This designer dog breed is also very gentle with other dog breeds. In general, Goldendoodles are not afraid of other dogs. However, if you are feeding other dogs in front of them, …

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​​What is Hypoglycemia in Dogs?

From young puppies to diabetic dogs on insulin, hypoglycemia is very serious. Knowing the indications of hypoglycemia in your dog’s health situation will allow you to intervene swiftly. Hypoglycemia is a low blood sugar or glucose level in your dog’s bloodstream. Glucose is a vital energy source for your dog’s cells, particularly brain cells. It …

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Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

Dogs can assist humans with various jobs, including seeing-eye dogs, rescuing people, and even detecting bombs. But recent researches show that some dogs can actually tell if an individual has cancer. Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell, which leads some to believe they can detect cancer. Recent research suggests that certain dogs may be …

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Can Dogs Get Frostbite?

Frostbite happens when the skin and underlying tissues freeze after exposure to extremely low temperatures. It is common for us humans to bundle up during wintertime, but the question is, do temperatures like this also affect dogs? Frostbite is most typically seen in dogs on the paws, ears, and tail. These areas of the body …

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