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​​Can Two Male Goldendoodles Get Along?

Goldendoodles of any size and color will immediately win your heart. They are a cross between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, resulting in a playful, active, loyal, adorable pup growing in popularity. But can two male Goldendoodles get along?

Because Goldendoodles are naturally friendly and caring dogs, two male Goldendoodles will usually get along. Male Goldendoodles get along with one another just as well as any other dog breed.

How Can Two Male Goldendoodles Get Along in One Household?

If you already have another dog in the house, the gender of that dog should influence whether you get a male or female Goldendoodle. Dogs usually get along best in pairs: a male and a female will get along better than two males or females.

The most challenging pairing is two females, especially two intact females. They may become overly reactive to one another and lash out aggressively. If you already have a female dog in your home, it is highly recommended that you get a male companion for her.

You should still get a male Goldendoodle puppy if you already have a male and a female dog. Two males are probably easier to manage than two females.

Do Male Goldendoodles Get Along with Each Other?

Having one Goldendoodle brought us great joy, but having two male Goldendoodles made every day even more joyful and lively. Male Goldendoodles are likely to entertain each other in addition to getting along because they are typically very playful.

Getting a second Goldendoodle, like anything else, has advantages and disadvantages; if you are serious about doing so, you should educate yourself thoroughly.


Maintaining Each Other’s Company

Getting another Goldendoodle will make their lives easier because they will always have each other’s company.

If they are bored and you are too busy to take them for a walk or play with them, they will find a way to entertain themselves. If you must leave them alone for an extended period, it is far preferable to have some company than to leave them alone with their separation anxiety.

Decreasing the Chances of Separation Anxiety

Goldendoodles are prone to separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for long periods; however, getting a second Goldendoodle can help to reduce separation anxiety because they don’t have to worry as much when they are not alone.

Dogs, like humans, can provide emotional support to one another, albeit not in the same way.

Much Easier Training

Training the second puppy will be much easier than training the first because the first dog will assist you by showing them what to do and teaching them house rules.

The new puppy will learn faster because it observes and mimics everything the first dog does.

Even potty training can be simplified because they will follow the first dog; however, this does not mean that you should not train them at all and leave it all to your first dog; you should still walk them through the basic commands and your regular training with the assistance of your first dog.

Double the Cuteness

You probably expected this one, but having two Goldendoodles will double the fun, cuteness, and loving. Imagine having a Goldendoodle on each side of you while watching a movie or having a long day; they will instantly cheer you up.

A second Goldendoodle also means that if you were not your first Goldendoodle’s favorite person, you would have another chance with the second dog, and if you have a large family, two dogs are better than one, so you can all share the love.

Saving Yet Another Life

Getting a second Goldendoodle also means saving another life and providing a wonderful dog with the opportunity to live with a loving family who will give them all the love they deserve.

Adopting another dog from your local shelter can free up space for other animals in need because 3.9 million new dogs are added to animal shelters each year, and 1.2 million are euthanized, so don’t pass up the opportunity to make a big difference.


Needing More Space

The fact is that Goldendoodles are not small, and when they are fully grown up and their full size, playing inside the house can cause damage to some items. Because of this, it is best to live in a huge apartment or a home with a backyard where they can run freely.

More Mess

It takes more time and effort to clean up after two dogs than it does to clean up after one, and I’m not just talking about the mess they can produce when playing. There will also be more hair on your furniture, and caring for and grooming two dogs can be more difficult.

Goldendoodles are amiable and will get along just fine, but there is the potential mess they could make if they ever got into an argument. To ensure that you avoid fighting, you can acquire them of different genders and avoid obtaining a second dog the same age as your first dog.

The Cost

Parenting two dogs will cost more than parenting one dog, as you already anticipated, but not by as much as you expected.

The vet visits and food supplies will be slightly more expensive; however, they can share other items like toys, shampoo, conditioner, clippers, and brushes.

Walking Two Dogs Could be Difficult

Imagine walking two lively dogs at the same time. You know how your Goldendoodle’s energy may occasionally be a little too much, especially when they are enthusiastic during their daily walk.

What Other Male Dog Breeds Get Along with Male Goldendoodles?

Male dogs from friendly breeds with Goldendoodle characteristics usually get along well with male Goldendoodles.

Though basing your interactions on common character traits is a good place to start, you should always be cautious when your dog meets other dogs for the first time, as they may have personal characteristics that may cause conflict.

Some of those characteristics may affect your male Goldendoodle’s specific characteristics. When encountering a stray dog, remember that even friendly breeds can become aggressive when hungry or feel threatened.

How to Test Compatibility with Your Male Goldendoodle?

One of the best ways to find out if your Goldendoodle will get along with another male Goldendoodle is to look for dogs in public places or make an appointment for your dog to play with another dog.

It would help if you frequently took your male Goldendoodles to public parks to socialize with strangers and other dogs.

If your Goldendoodle gets along with a group of dogs of different breeds, he has a much better chance of getting along with other male Goldendoodles.

It’s not just a matter of breed and gender compatibility when it comes to getting a male Goldendoodle to get along with another male Goldendoodle; it’s also a matter of compatibility between a dog’s traits.

The more at ease your dog is around other humans, dogs, and animals, the more at ease he should be around other male Goldendoodles.

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