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How to Leash Train Your Bernedoodle Puppy?

Bringing home a Bernedoodle puppy is an exciting and joyful experience. These adorable, mixed-breed dogs are known for their friendly disposition, intelligence, and boundless energy. However, just like any other puppy, Bernedoodles require proper training, including leash training, to ensure they become well-behaved and obedient pets. Leash training is a crucial skill that not only helps keep your puppy safe but also allows you to enjoy walks and outdoor adventures together.

To leash train your Bernedoodle puppy, start with gradual indoor introductions to the leash, use positive reinforcement, practice basic commands, and transition to outdoor walks, gradually reinforcing loose leash walking while being patient and consistent throughout the process.

Understanding Your Bernedoodle Puppy

Before delving into leash training, it’s essential to understand your Bernedoodle’s breed characteristics and unique traits. Bernedoodles are a cross between Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, which means they can inherit traits from both parent breeds.

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their loyalty and gentle nature, while Poodles are intelligent and highly trainable.
  • Bernedoodles are typically friendly, sociable, and affectionate.
  • They are energetic dogs and require regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.
  • Bernedoodles can be prone to stubbornness at times, but their intelligence makes them quick learners.

Understanding your Bernedoodle’s traits will help you tailor your leash training approach to suit their personality.

The Right Equipment to Leash Train Your Bernedoodle Puppy

The right collar or harness and leash can make a significant difference in your puppy’s comfort and your ability to guide them effectively. Before starting leash training, ensure you have the necessary equipment ready:

  • Collar or Harness: Choose a comfortable, well-fitting collar or harness for your Bernedoodle. Make sure it’s adjustable to accommodate your puppy’s growth.
  • Leash: Opt for a lightweight, sturdy leash, preferably made of nylon or leather, and around 4-6 feet in length. A longer leash allows your puppy some freedom while maintaining control.
  • Treats: High-quality treats are invaluable for positive reinforcement during training. Pick treats that your Bernedoodle loves and are easy to carry during walks.
  • Gradual Introduction to the Leash

Bernedoodle puppies may initially be apprehensive about wearing a collar or harness and being attached to a leash. To make the introduction smooth and positive:

  • Begin by allowing your puppy to wear the collar or harness indoors for short periods. This helps them get used to the sensation and prevents discomfort.
  • Attach the leash to the collar or harness while your puppy explores inside. Allow them to drag the leash around under your supervision, so they become accustomed to its presence.
  • Praise and offer treats when your puppy willingly accepts the collar, harness, and leash. This positive association will make them more eager for leash time.

Basic Obedience Commands Used to Leash Train Your Bernedoodle Puppy

Before you venture out for leash training, ensure your Bernedoodle puppy has a basic understanding of essential commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” These commands will be invaluable during leash training and help maintain control during walks.

  • Spend time indoors teaching these commands using positive reinforcement methods. Reward your puppy with treats and praise when they successfully follow the commands.
  • Start Indoors

Begin the actual leash training process indoors in a controlled environment:

  • Attach the leash to your puppy’s collar or harness and let them wear it around the house while supervised. This helps them become accustomed to the feel of the leash.
  • With the leash attached, encourage your puppy to follow you around the house using positive reinforcement. Use treats and verbal praise to reward them when they walk nicely by your side.
  • Avoid any tugging or pulling during these indoor sessions. The goal is to create a positive association between the leash, walking, and rewards.
  • Outdoor Adventures

Once your Bernedoodle puppy is comfortable with the leash indoors, it’s time to take your training outdoors:

  • Choose a quiet, familiar location for your first outdoor walk. Avoid busy streets or crowded areas, as they can be overwhelming for a young puppy.
  • Begin by allowing your puppy to explore the outdoor environment while on the leash. Let them investigate their surroundings at their own pace, all the while keeping a close eye on their behavior.
  • Use your basic obedience commands to maintain control and reinforce positive behavior. If your puppy starts to pull or become overly excited, stop and gently redirect their attention using treats or toys.

Loose Leash Walking Your Bernedoodle Puppy

Teaching your Bernedoodle to walk on a loose leash is a crucial aspect of leash training:

  • Start with short walks, gradually increasing the distance as your puppy becomes more comfortable.
  • When your puppy begins to pull on the leash, stop walking and wait for them to relax the tension. As soon as they do, reward them with treats and continue walking.
  • Be patient and consistent. Consistency is key to teaching your Bernedoodle to walk without pulling.
  • Socialization

Socialization is an essential part of your Bernedoodle’s development, and leash training provides an excellent opportunity for it:

  • During walks, expose your puppy to various people, dogs, and environments. This helps them become well-adjusted and confident adults.
  • Use positive reinforcement to reward your puppy for calm and friendly behavior towards other dogs and people.
  • Dealing with Distractions

During your walks, you will encounter distractions such as other dogs, wildlife, or interesting scents. Here’s how to handle them:

  • If your puppy gets overly excited or distracted, use your basic commands to regain their focus.
  • Use treats to reward your puppy for paying attention to you, even in the presence of distractions.
  • Be patient and understanding, as it may take some time for your Bernedoodle to learn how to handle distractions appropriately.

Consistency and Patience in Training Your Bernedoodle Puppy

Leash training is an ongoing process that requires consistency and patience:

  • Practice regularly and make walks an enjoyable routine for both you and your puppy.
  • Be patient with your Bernedoodle, as they may have days when they are more focused and obedient than others.
  • Continue reinforcing positive behavior with treats, praise, and affection.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues

Leash training may encounter some common issues along the way. Here’s how to address them:

  • Pulling on the leash: If your puppy consistently pulls, consider using a front-clip harness, which discourages pulling. Practice loose leash walking consistently.
  • Fear or anxiety: If your puppy is fearful or anxious during walks, consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to address the underlying issues.
  • Aggression or reactivity: If your puppy displays aggressive or reactive behavior on the leash, seek professional help immediately. It’s essential to address these issues promptly and safely.

Gradual Progression

As your Bernedoodle puppy grows and matures, continue to challenge and engage them during walks:

  • Gradually increase the complexity of your walks by introducing new environments, routes, and obstacles.
  • Practice off-leash training in secure, designated areas only when you are confident in your puppy’s obedience.
  • Remember that leash training is an ongoing process that evolves as your puppy develops.

Leash training your Bernedoodle puppy is a rewarding endeavor that strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion while ensuring their safety and obedience. Remember that each puppy is unique and may progress at their own pace, so be patient and adaptable in your training approach.

With consistency, positive reinforcement, and a strong focus on building trust and communication, you can successfully leash train your Bernedoodle puppy and look forward to enjoyable walks together for years to come. Happy training!

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