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Dolly’s mama, a proud and loving Bernese Mountain Dog, was the perfect mother to her litter of Mini Bernedoodle puppies. She cared for them with tenderness and affection, and it was clear that she loved each and every one of them deeply.

As Dolly grew, it became clear that she had inherited all of the best traits of her breed. She was clever and quick to learn new things, always eager to explore her world and discover new adventures. And of course, she had a love of play that was infectious – she could turn any game into a joyous romp.

But what really sets Dolly apart is her deep connection to her humans. From the moment she arrived in her new home, she was devoted to her family, following them around and snuggling up with them at every opportunity. She has a gentle and loving spirit that makes her the perfect companion for anyone in need of a furry friend.

BREED: Mini Bernedoodle BORN: 03/26/2020 DISEASE TESTING:
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