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Patty is a delightful mama dog, whose presence radiates care and affection. Patty has a balanced build that combines strength and agility. Her stance is confident and composed, indicative of her experience and adaptability as a mother. While she demonstrates immense patience and tenderness towards her puppies, teaching them with a gentle but firm manner, she also doesn’t shy away from a spirited game or a brisk walk.

Her personality shines through as a perfect balance of vigilance and nurturing. Patty’s instincts as a protector are evident in her watchful gaze and alert presence, always ready to safeguard her little ones from any harm. At the same time, her nurturing side is always on display as she grooms and cuddles her puppies, imparting life lessons with a soft nudge or a guiding lick.

Patty’s role as a mama dog is one she embraces wholeheartedly. Her affectionate nature and resilient spirit make her not just a pet but a cherished member of the family.

BREED: Mini Bernedoodle BORN: 05/05/2021 DISEASE TESTING:
Type 1 Von Willebrand's Disease - CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy-SOD1-A - CLEAR
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