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Tamsyn’s name is synonymous with love, compassion, and unwavering devotion. She may be a dog, but to those who know her, she is so much more—a symbol of hope, kindness, and the incredible capacity for love that resides within us all. Mama Tamsyn, the Micro Bernedoodle with a heart of gold, forever etched into our hearts. A regal figure of maternal warmth and grace, embodies the essence of motherhood in every gentle glance and tender gesture. With a coat as rich and glossy, she moves with a quiet elegance that speaks volumes of her nurturing spirit. As a mother, Tamsyn’s devotion knows no bounds. From the moment her pups were born, she has been their unwavering guardian and nurturer. Whether she’s gently nudging them towards their next meal or curling around them in a protective embrace, her love is a palpable presence in the air.

BREED: Micro Bernedoodle BORN: 05/15/2023 DISEASE TESTING:
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