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Tasah, the beloved mama dog, is a true epitome of maternal love and devotion. With her soft, caramel-colored fur, expressive brown eyes, and a gentle demeanor, she exudes warmth and compassion. Tasah is a Micro Goldendoodle, showcasing a harmonious blend of different canine characteristics that make her both unique and endearing

Tasah’s personality is truly heartwarming. As a mama dog, her nurturing instincts are unmatched. She is incredibly protective of her puppies, watching over them with unwavering dedication. Tasah’s nurturing nature extends beyond her own offspring, as she’s known to be friendly and affectionate with other dogs and humans alike. She has a special knack for sensing when someone needs a comforting presence and readily offers her warmth and companionship.

Despite her gentle disposition, Tasah can also be quite playful. She enjoys chasing after balls in the park, and her eyes light up with excitement when she’s around children. Tasah’s sociable nature makes her an ideal family pet, as she thrives on companionship and human interaction.


BREED: Micro Goldendoodle BORN: 06/06/2022 DISEASE TESTING:
Type 1 Von Willebrand's Disease - CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy-SOD1-A - CLEAR
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