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Meet Troy, the charming and confident papa dog with a pedigree as clear as a bell. As a Miniature Poodle, Troy is an incredibly intelligent and affectionate dog that brings joy to everyone he meets.

With his beautiful curly coat and striking features, Troy exudes elegance and poise. He’s a natural-born leader, always ready to take charge and protect his family with unwavering loyalty and devotion. His amiable personality and unwavering confidence make him an ideal companion to all who know him.

But Troy isn’t just a handsome dog; he’s also a highly intelligent and energetic one who loves to explore his surroundings. Whether he’s running after a ball or going for a long walk in the park, Troy is always eager to be on the move. His endless curiosity and playful spirit make him the perfect partner for outdoor adventures.

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GM2 Gangliosidosis – CLEAR
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Progressive Retinal Atrophy-PRCD – CLEAR
Osteochondrodysplasia - SLC13A1 – CLEAR
Intervertebral Disc Disease Type 1 - FGF4 Retrogene – CLEAR
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