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Puppy Details

Price: $1,500.00

Name: Adrienne
Breed: F1B Micro Bernedoodle
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 15-25 Lbs
Ready To Join Your Family : 07/10/2023
Availability: Sold Out

Adrienne has a stunning white and chocolate-colored coat and a personality that will steal your heart. Her playful and energetic nature, combined with her gentle and affectionate disposition, make her the perfect companion for those seeking a loving and vibrant puppy. Get ready for a lifetime of love, joy, and cherished memories with Freya as your loyal and devoted companion.

Mama Patty thrives on human companionship and enjoys being the center of attention. She is known for her playful antics and boundless energy, always ready to join in on the fun and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Whether it’s a game of fetch in the park, a leisurely walk by your side, or a cozy snuggle on the couch, Mama Patty will eagerly participate and fill your days with joy.

Papa Edward possesses a spirited and playful personality. Despite his small size, he has a lot of energy and loves engaging in games and activities that challenge his intellect. His keen intelligence and quick wit make him an excellent candidate for training, as he readily grasps new commands and eagerly showcases his skills.


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