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Puppy Details

Price: $2,500.00

Name: Bennett
Breed: F1B Mini Goldendoodle
Gender: Male
Estimated Adult Weight: 15-25 lbs
Ready To Join Your Family : 05/09/2024
Availability: Sold Out

Bennett is a charming whirlwind of joy and affection, a puppy whose boundless enthusiasm and endearing quirks never fail to bring smiles to the faces of those around him. With his sleek coat of midnight black fur and soulful, expressive eyes that seem to hold the wisdom of ages, he captures hearts with his irresistible charm. Despite his small stature, Bennett possesses an undeniable zest for life and a boundless sense of adventure. Whether he’s bounding through fields of wildflowers, eagerly chasing after his favorite toys, or gleefully exploring every corner of his surroundings, he approaches each new experience with unbridled excitement and a wagging tail. But beneath his playful exterior lies a heart of pure gold. Bennett is incredibly affectionate, showering his loved ones with endless cuddles and enthusiastic kisses. He has an innate sense of empathy, always quick to offer comfort and support to those in need, making him a beloved companion and confidant.

Mama Julie is the epitome of maternal warmth and steadfast loyalty, a canine guardian whose gentle demeanor and unwavering devotion make her an irreplaceable member of the family. With her sleek, mahogany coat and soulful brown eyes, she possesses a timeless elegance that exudes both grace and strength.

Benji is more than just a papa dog – he is a guardian, a mentor, and a source of strength in a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain. He reminds us of the power of paternal love and the profound bond that exists between humans and their furry companions, forever etching his paw prints on the hearts of all who have the privilege of knowing him.


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