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Puppy Details

Price: $3,500.00

Name: Bruce
Breed: F1B Mini Bernedoodle
Gender: Male
Estimated Adult Weight: 25-35
Ready To Join Your Family : 04/16/2024
Availability: Sold Out

Bruce, a charming bundle of fur bursting with adventure and playful energy. With bright eyes, he gazes upon the world with a sense of curiosity and mischief that is truly infectious. His days are filled with endless games of fetch, zooming around the yard with the speed of a tiny race car, and exploring every nook and cranny with boundless curiosity. His exuberance for life is contagious, drawing others into his world of joyful exploration. Bruce is also a loyal and loving companion. He forms deep bonds with his human family, always eager to shower them with affectionate licks and tail wags. His gentle nature shines through in his interactions with children and other animals, his patience and kindness making him a favorite among all.

Mama Tamsyn’s devotion knows no bounds. From the moment her pups were born, she has been their unwavering guardian and nurturer. Whether she’s gently nudging them towards their next meal or curling around them in a protective embrace, her love is a palpable presence in the air.

Her Papa, Mr. Coco, carries himself with a quiet confidence and a sense of responsibility. Mr. Coco’s presence is a steady anchor in the ever-changing tides of life. His unwavering loyalty and steadfast companionship make him not just a pet, but a beloved member of the family. With his warm heart and gentle spirit, Mr. Coco embodies the timeless qualities of a true papa dog, a source of comfort and joy to all who know him.


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