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Puppy Details

Price: $3,500.00

Name: Davey
Breed: F1B Micro Bernedoodle
Gender: Male
Estimated Adult Weight: 15-25
Ready To Join Your Family : 01/23/2024
Availability: Sold Out

Davey, the adorable male Micro Bernedoodle puppy, is a pint-sized bundle of joy that will melt your heart with his charming personality and irresistible looks. With his soft, curly coat in various shades of black, white, and brown, Davey is a true miniature masterpiece. His petite size, big round eyes, and endearing floppy ears make him a real head-turner wherever he goes. Davey’s personality is as captivating as his appearance. He is a sociable and outgoing little pup who loves to make new friends, whether they’re fellow dogs, humans, or even the occasional friendly cat. He has an enthusiastic and playful spirit that knows no bounds, making him the life of the party during playtime.

Phoebe, the maternal figure of the canine world, is a loving and nurturing Mama dog who embodies the essence of maternal care and devotion. She is a gentle and graceful canine, with a dignified demeanor that commands respect and admiration. Despite her protective instincts, Phoebe is also a patient and understanding Mama dog. She allows her pups to explore and learn, encouraging their independence while providing guidance when needed. Her calm and composed demeanor serves as a source of comfort and security for her puppies, teaching them valuable life lessons through her actions.

Troy, the patriarch of the canine clan, is a strong and dependable Papa dog who brings a sense of security and stability to his family. He is a striking figure, characterized by his muscular build, sleek coat, and an air of confidence that exudes authority and strength. Troy’s physical presence is impressive, with a well-defined physique that reflects his athleticism and vitality. His coat is often a testament to his good health, gleaming with a glossy sheen that showcases his well-being. His eyes, deep and soulful, convey a sense of wisdom and experience that comes with years of guarding and guiding his family.


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