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Puppy Details

Price: $3,000.00

Name: Honey
Breed: F1b Micro Goldendoodle
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 10-20
Ready To Join Your Family : 04/09/2023
Availability: Sold Out

Honey is a female puppy with a sweet and affectionate personality. She has a soft, wavy coat that is golden in color, with expressive brown eyes and a cute button nose. Honey is a gentle, friendly puppy who loves being around people and other animals. She is playful and energetic but also loves to curl up with you for a nap. She is always eager to learn new tricks and skills, and responds well to positive reinforcement training. Honey is a great companion for families with children or anyone looking for a loyal and loving companion. With her adorable looks and gentle personality, Honey is sure to bring joy and happiness to her future family.

Her mom, Lilly, is amazing. She has gentle expression and bright, attentive eyes. Lilly is known for her nurturing and protective nature and always puts her puppies’ needs first. She is patient and gentle with her pups and is always watchful of their safety and well-being. Her dad, Duke, is known for his strong and confident personality, and his watchful and protective nature over his puppies. He is a highly intelligent dog who is always alert to his surroundings, making him an excellent part of our roster.


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