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Puppy Details

Price: $2,500.00

Name: Honey
Breed: Mini Goldendoodle
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 20-30
Ready To Join Your Family : 01/30/2024
Availability: Available!

Honey, the Goldendoodle puppy, is a captivating burst of sunshine and sweetness, radiating warmth and cheer wherever she goes. Her coat is a dazzling blend of soft golden hues, reminiscent of the warm glow of honey bathed in sunlight, making her a truly enchanting sight. Her eyes, a bright and soulful hazel, seem to hold the secrets of the universe as they twinkle with curiosity and affection. Honey’s expressive face is framed by a cascade of soft, wavy fur that gives her an irresistibly charming look. Her floppy ears add to her endearing appearance as they playfully move with each joyful bounce. Honey is a vivacious and spirited companion, always ready for a lively game of fetch or a romp in the great outdoors. Her boundless energy is contagious, spreading joy and excitement wherever she ventures. Her tail wags with unbridled enthusiasm, an animated reflection of her zest for life.

Mama Dog Raine is a gentle and nurturing soul, embodying the essence of maternal love and devotion. With a coat as soft and comforting as a fluffy cloud, her warm brown eyes exude wisdom and kindness, reflecting her experience as a loving mother. Raine has a regal and dignified presence, always keeping a watchful eye over her puppies, ensuring their safety and well-being. Her maternal instincts are finely tuned, and she cares for her pups with unwavering dedication, offering them warmth, comfort, and a sense of security.

Papa Dog Romeo’s legacy extends beyond just being a father figure; he is a symbol of strength, responsibility, and love. His presence is a source of comfort and stability for those around him, and he is the cornerstone of his canine family’s unity and happiness. With his noble and caring demeanor, Romeo is a beloved and cherished member of the pack, embodying the ideal qualities of a canine patriarch.

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