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Puppy Details

Price: $3,000.00

Name: Larkin
Breed: Micro Goldendoodle
Gender: Male
Estimated Adult Weight: 10-20
Ready To Join Your Family : 02/12/2024
Availability: Available!

Larkin is a whirlwind of joy and boundless energy, encapsulating the very essence of youthful enthusiasm and curiosity. His fur, perhaps a playful mix of shades or a unique pattern, is soft and fluffy, inviting gentle strokes and cuddles. Each movement of Larkin is a picture of uncoordinated yet adorable agility, as he tumbles and rolls in his eagerness to explore the world around him. His eyes, sparkling with mischief and wonder, light up at every new sight and sound, mirroring his eagerness to engage with his environment. Larkin’s personality is a vibrant tapestry of playfulness and inquisitiveness. He’s often seen tilting his head in a quizzical manner, trying to understand new sounds or voices. His small, joyful barks are a testament to his lively spirit, and his tail wags like a flag of endless energy and happiness.

Nelly, the mama dog, is a figure of nurturing love and gentle wisdom. With a coat that has weathered the seasons, it carries a dignified grace, soft to the touch and comforting in its presence. Her eyes, deep and knowing, seem to hold a lifetime of experiences, reflecting the care and vigilance she has for her pups and human family alike. Her demeanor is one of quiet confidence. She’s the anchor in the storm for her playful pups, teaching them with gentle nudges and guiding licks. Her nurturing is not just in feeding and cleaning her litter but also in imparting the vital dog wisdom necessary for their growth.

Troy, the papa dog, stands as a majestic and noble figure, exuding a sense of strength and steadfastness. His build is robust and muscular, showcasing the vigor and resilience inherent in his lineage. His coat, possibly a rich blend of colors or a striking single hue, is well-groomed and radiates a healthy sheen, a testament to his well-cared-for life.


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