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Puppy Details

Price: $3,500.00

Name: Maya
Breed: F1b Micro Bernedoodle
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 20-30 lbs
Ready To Join Your Family : 05/07/2024
Availability: Sold Out

Maya is a delightful bundle of energy and curiosity, her fluffy coat seems to dance in the sunlight as she frolics about. With bright, inquisitive eyes that sparkle with mischief and wonder, Maya’s playful spirit is infectious, bringing joy to all who encounter her. Maya possesses a boundless enthusiasm for exploration, eagerly sniffing out every new scent and investigating every nook and cranny with an insatiable sense of adventure. Whether she’s bounding through the grass with unrestrained glee or gleefully pouncing on fallen leaves, Maya’s zest for life is truly contagious. Maya’s heart is pure and full of love. She adores cuddling up in the warmth of her human companions’ arms, her tiny tail wagging furiously as she showers them with affectionate licks and gentle nuzzles. Maya’s loyalty knows no bounds, and she forms deep bonds with those she holds dear, her unwavering devotion a testament to the profound connection between humans and their canine companions.

Heather is a nurturing and devoted mama dog who embodies warmth and affection in every wag of her tail. With a sleek coat and gentle, soulful eyes that mirror her loving nature, she captivates hearts wherever she goes. Heather’s maternal instinct is unparalleled, as she tirelessly cares for her pups with unwavering dedication and tenderness.

Troy isn’t just a handsome dog; he’s also a highly intelligent and energetic one who loves to explore his surroundings. Whether he’s running after a ball or going for a long walk in the park, Troy is always eager to be on the move. His endless curiosity and playful spirit make him the perfect partner for outdoor adventures.


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