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Puppy Details

Price: $3,500.00

Name: Padme
Breed: F1 Mini Bernedoodle
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 25-40
Ready To Join Your Family : 01/03/2024
Availability: Sold Out

The first thing that catches the eye is Padme’s mesmerizing Merle coat. It features a captivating blend of colors, with shades of gray, black, and white, all elegantly intermingling in a delicate and intricate pattern. Her coat is not only visually striking but also soft and wavy, inviting countless strokes and cuddles. It’s a coat that reflects her individuality and sets her apart from the crowd. Padme’s large, expressive eyes are a window to her gentle and affectionate soul. They are often a warm and inviting shade, reflecting her loving and amiable disposition. Her sweet face is framed by a fluffy mane of fur, giving her an irresistibly cute and charming appearance.

Marianna, the mama dog, is a majestic and nurturing Bernese Mountain Dog who embodies the very essence of maternal love and grace. Her presence commands attention and admiration wherever she goes, and her gentle demeanor makes her a beloved member of her human family. As a mama dog, Marianna’s maternal instincts shine through in her caring and nurturing nature. She dotes on her puppies with unwavering attention and devotion, ensuring they are well-fed, clean, and comfortable. Her patience and gentle disposition make her an ideal mother, and her puppies are fortunate to have such a loving and protective presence watching over them.

Maui, the papa dog, is a distinguished and charismatic Poodle who radiates charm and exuberance in equal measure. As the patriarch of his canine family, he brings an air of authority, intelligence, and a touch of playfulness to every interaction. As a papa dog, Maui takes his role seriously. He is protective, responsible, and nurturing towards his offspring. Whether it’s teaching them important social skills, playing gentle games, or keeping a watchful eye over their antics, he takes great pride in being a loving and attentive father figure. His gentle yet firm demeanor ensures that his puppies learn valuable life lessons while feeling safe and cared for.



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