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Puppy Details

Price: $2,500.00

Name: Raven
Breed: Micro Goldendoodle
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 10-20
Ready To Join Your Family : 06/19/2023
Availability: Available!

Raven, the micro Goldendoodle with a heart overflowing with love, fills your days with laughter, affection, and boundless joy. Embrace the enchantment of Raven and allow her playful spirit to guide you on an extraordinary journey of love, adventure, and unbreakable bonds. Together, you’ll create a symphony of happiness that will leave pawprints on your heart forever.

Ilene’s motherly love extends beyond her own litter. She possesses an extraordinary capacity to care for others, extending her nurturing embrace to those in need. Whether it’s a foster pup seeking solace or a distressed soul in search of a comforting touch, Ilene’s heart knows no bounds. Her ability to heal with a gentle nuzzle and a wag of her tail brings solace to those in pain, illuminating a path towards hope and resilience.

Beyond his role as a devoted father, Benji radiates a charisma that draws others towards him. His warm and affable nature invites companionship and forms unbreakable bonds. He possesses a remarkable ability to understand the needs and emotions of those around him, providing comfort and support through a gentle touch or an empathetic gaze.

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