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Puppy Details

Price: $2,500.00

Name: Sam
Breed: Mini Goldendoodle
Gender: Male
Estimated Adult Weight: 20-30
Ready To Join Your Family : 01/30/2024
Availability: Available!

Sam, the Goldendoodle puppy, is a fluffy bundle of joy that brings boundless enthusiasm and happiness into every room he enters. With a coat that resembles a warm, sun-kissed field of wheat, Sam is a golden delight that radiates positivity. Sam is a puppy that embodies the spirit of adventure and playfulness. He loves to frolic in the grass, chase after leaves, and pounce on toys with unbridled enthusiasm. His wagging tail is a constant blur of excitement, showcasing his zest for life and boundless energy. This Goldendoodle pup, Sam, is not just a furry friend; he’s a ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. His infectious joy and unwavering affection make him a cherished companion, always ready to brighten your day with his playful antics and loving nature.

Mama Dog Raine is a gentle and nurturing soul, embodying the essence of maternal love and devotion. With a coat as soft and comforting as a fluffy cloud, her warm brown eyes exude wisdom and kindness, reflecting her experience as a loving mother. Raine has a regal and dignified presence, always keeping a watchful eye over her puppies, ensuring their safety and well-being. Her maternal instincts are finely tuned, and she cares for her pups with unwavering dedication, offering them warmth, comfort, and a sense of security.

Papa Dog Romeo’s legacy extends beyond just being a father figure; he is a symbol of strength, responsibility, and love. His presence is a source of comfort and stability for those around him, and he is the cornerstone of his canine family’s unity and happiness. With his noble and caring demeanor, Romeo is a beloved and cherished member of the pack, embodying the ideal qualities of a canine patriarch.

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