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Puppy Details

Price: $3,500.00

Name: Serena
Breed: Micro Bernedoodles
Gender: Female
Estimated Adult Weight: 10-20 Lbs
Ready To Join Your Family : 09/06/2023
Availability: Sold Out

Serena is a social butterfly and adores meeting new people and other pets. She’s friendly and outgoing, making her a hit in any social setting. Her gentle and patient disposition makes her a perfect fit for families looking to add a new furry member who will get along with everyone.

Mama Paige is a sweet and affectionate Mini Bernedoodle who loves to snuggle up with her favorite humans. She is also known to be great with children and makes a wonderful family pet. Her playful and curious nature makes her a joy to be around. She’s a great mom and has some of the most adorable puppies.

Meet Papa Troy, the charming and confident dog with a pedigree as clear as a bell. As a Miniature Poodle, Troy is an incredibly intelligent and affectionate dog that brings joy to everyone he meets.


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