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Should You Shave Your Doodle?

Generally speaking, shaving any dog is possible, but the question is, should you be doing this? Most experts recommend against this, especially for double-coated dogs, but if you are planning to shave your doodle, let’s find out if this is a good idea. 

Doodles can be shaved, although it is strongly advised that they not be shaved down to their skin. It is strongly recommended that you keep their hair short and manageable instead.

Why Do You Want to Shave Your Dog?

There are a few reasons you might be considering shaving your furry pet. Although many dog owners want to shave their dogs, you might be surprised to hear that this is not always the best course of action. What are the main justifications for dog owners to shave their puppies?

  • To aid in keeping them cool in the summer
  • To lessen shedding near their house
  • The filth on their coat

These are the most typical causes of dog shaving, while some dog owners may have different motives. Let’s now explore why the problems mentioned above may not be best solved.

What Do You Need to Know Before You Shave Your Dog?

Let’s talk about the primary function of fur and how it provides our furry friend’s security before we get into whether you should shave your dog. Before shaving your dog, you should be aware of several intriguing fur facts, such as:

A Dog’s Coat Protects Them From Weather

We typically wish to get rid of our winter clothing and wear lighter summer attire to stay cool during the summer. Although it’s a common misconception, dogs don’t have the same preferences as people. In the summer heat, a fluffy coat may appear to be oppressively hot, but it may work extra hard to keep your dog cool.

Dogs with double coats are typically the ones that get shaved in the summer. The guard hairs protrude the farthest from the body, while the undercoat is the one that is closest to the skin. While the undercoat helps to keep the dog dry and comfortable in the winter, the guard hairs guard against snowfall.

During the summer, the double coat serves a different role. The undercoat will shed once summer arrives, but the guard hairs will remain to protect against the sun’s rays. These guard hairs will shield your dog from sunburn and help regulate heat when the wind blows through them. Though thick fur may appear too hot for our furry friends in the summer, their coats work to their advantage.

Shaving Your Dog Can Change Coat Texture

When you shave a dog with a double coat, you are interfering with how they regulate their body temperature. As previously indicated, the guard hairs will remain while the undercoat sheds. The undercoat will grow first if you stop the process and shave your fuzzy companion. The various types of fur will start to blend since guard hairs grow more slowly than other hairs. The texture of your dog’s fur will frequently change significantly.

Many dog owners have noticed that their fur accumulates more burs and sticks after shaving their fluffy dogs. Due to this new coat, your dog may become a walking velcro pad, which is frequently a lot more sticky.

Shaving Your Dog Will Not Reduce Shedding

The desire to have less hair in their homes is among the most prevalent justifications given by dog owners for shaving their puppies. Although it appears like a great concept, this is entirely untrue. The fur that sheds throughout your home will become much shorter if you shave a dog prone to doing so. The natural shedding process will always continue at the same rate, no matter how much hair is removed by shaving.

What Type of Coat Does Your Dog Have?

So, how do you determine what kind of coat your dog has? To answer this question, let’s go through a few pointers to help you decide.

  • Low-Density Coat: Your dog’s coat effortlessly reveals its skin.
  • Medium Density Coat: This coat is less protective than low-density coats since it allows you to see your dog’s skin when combing its fur.
  • High-Density Coat: When sifting through your dog’s fur, it might be challenging to see their skin, and when you bathe, it cannot be easy to soak through their fur.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool?

Now that we know that shaving a dog is not the best method for keeping them cool let’s explore some of the most secure ways to keep them cool throughout the summer!

  • When they are playing outside, keep a close eye on them. When your dog starts panting or slowing down, it’s time to bring them inside and give them a break.
  • Keep a bottle of water on hand at all times. You can give them water to drink or soak them in the water while they are playing outside.
  • During the warmer months, try to introduce your dog to aquatic sports. Swimming in a pool, playing in the river, or even a run in the sprinklers are all options.
  • Let them lie on the cool tile or wood floors when they come inside. You wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in a big comforter after a jog in the summer heat!
  • During the hotter months, make sure to keep your home cool. This will provide a haven for your dog when they return from their outdoor activities.

While shaving your dog in the summer may seem like a good idea, it may not be the greatest decision for your fluffy buddy. Review the advice we’ve provided above, and you’ll be able to find safe ways to keep your dog cool in the summer heat!

Facts About Shaving Your Doodle

Perhaps you returned home from the groomer to find a shaved Goldendoodle waiting for you. What happened to your fluffy, teddy bear-like puppy? Now you are wondering? How quickly will your Goldendoodle’s hair regrow after being shaved?

On the other hand, perhaps you’re planning your dog’s next grooming visit and wondering if your Goldendoodle should be shaved. Is it safe for them, or will it cause damage to their coat?

Here are some things your groomer wishes you knew about shaving your Goldendoodle.

Shaving a Goldendoodle Will Not Damage Their Coat

Shaving a Goldendoodle will NOT damage their coat in most circumstances. This rule has two exceptions: Goldendoodle puppies and flat coat Goldendoodles should not be shaved.

Groomers Aren’t Mean or Incompetent

Dog groomers don’t shave your dog because they’re stupid or cruel; instead, they do it for your four-legged family member’s comfort and well-being.

Your Doodle’s Hair Will Regrow

2-3 weeks after being shaved, your Goldendoodle’s coat will begin to seem more regular and complete. Your shaved Goldendoodle’s hair will return to full length in 2-4 months.

It’s Simple to Avoid Shaving Your Doodle in the Future

Doodles, especially those with dense, curly, Poodle-like hair, are prone to matting. However, matting is usually preventable by frequently brushing correctly and with a high-quality brush.

Brush your doodles at least every other day, if not daily. If your dog is becoming matted, one solution is to increase the frequency with which you brush him.

Your Shaved Doodle is Still Adorable

Our pets are still cute, shaved or not. While we all adore the iconic, teddy bear-like appearance of Goldendoodles, many owners are opting to keep their Goldendoodle’s hair short all year. While these short summer haircuts take a little longer than shaving down to the skin, the end effect is nearly identical.

Your Shaved Doodle Will Appreciate It

Not only will your doodle be free of the agony and pain that comes with matting, but there are also other advantages to having your Goldendoodle shaved.

Because of their short hair, they’ll be able to keep a lot cooler in the heat. Ensure they don’t spend too much time in the sun because they could become sunburned after being entirely shaved.

Another advantage is that less hair will be around their eyes, allowing them to see much better without having to peer through stray hairs!

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