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Why Having a Bernadoodle Can Boost Your Childs Health?

By now we all know that dogs can be a good thing for kids and we’re aware of the basic reasons why. They teach kids responsibility by having to take care of something other than themselves, keep kids active and create bonds and friendships with a type of love and compassion that can’t be bought. But even beyond all these great facts, here’s three huge reasons why adding a Bernadoodle to your child’s life can hold benefits that you may not even be aware of.
1. Dogs improve social skills
We’ve all seen this scenario play out…you are walking your dog and a parent and child
are walking their dog towards you. You stop, engage with each other’s pup which leads
into a further conversation. After a short time, you both carry on your separate ways. You
might not think that moment had any effect on the child, but in reality, it had a huge
impact on their social skills. A study, in Pediatric Research, found that those who had
dogs versus those without, were less likely to have difficulty relating to peers. Children
are often timid by nature and need opportunities to practice engaging and communicating
with others. Not only does a dog provide an opportunity to train social skills, but they
tend to produce experiences for children to converse with others as well. This is why
those who own a dog are about 35 percent more likely to show positive social behaviors.
Learning how to interact with a dog can extend to good communication skills with others.
The Bernadoodle, who has a flexible personality, is a good breed for families with
various personality types. Their goofiness is of course compatible with the playful child,
but is also good for the quiet, shy child who has a hard time coming out of their shell.
And vice versa. The Bernadoodle also has a calm and docile side, which can be a good
compliment to a child that needs chilled and brought down a bit and who tend to need
disciplined. This same study also found kids who own a dog are less likely to have
conduct problems. Bernadoodles are loyal, affectionate creatures who, thanks to their
Bernese Mountain dog genes, also tend to be disciplined and obedient. A well-trained
dog provides a sense of consistency which fosters a sense of security within kids. In an
especially unpredictable world, kids could use a healthy dose of security and benefit from
the predictability that Bernadoodles provide. Security fosters confidence within kids,
which in turn boosts healthy, disciplined behaviors and strong interpersonal skills with
2. Dogs teach unconditional love
Let’s face it, as kids grow and learn they can sometimes be downright emotional. One of
the huge benefits of owning a Bernadoodle is that they’re extremely lovable and
supportive. Bernadoodles don’t just love kids when their having a good day or when they
play fetch, they love unconditionally. They’ll quietly and patiently stand by your toddler
as they throw their umpteenth temper tantrum. They’ll roll with a middle schooler’s
changing moods and they’ll be there during the challenging teen years by lending a
listening ear. Bernadoodles show unconditional love by being there at the very best and worst of times. Their loyalty demonstrates to kids the need to love others, always and
without fear of being judged.
3. Dogs boost immunity and are good for your health
Not only do we know that owning a dog can lower anxiety and depression in children but
owning a Bernadoodle can have many other health benefits as well. Bernadoodles have
been known to sense when children with epilepsy are about to have a seizure, they can
sense when a diabetic child’s sugar is low, and their sweet demeanor has unquestionably
brought happiness to mentally or physically challenged children. So, if that all sounds
great but still thinking later rather than sooner may be best to get a dog, think again. Did
you know that Bernadoodles can boost the immune system? That’s right. Studies have
shown that babies who are around dogs in the first year of life, have a better immune
system than those who are not. Living with a dog causes a human to share the
microbiome of bacteria that help to fight off illnesses and strengthen immune system. So,
all those slobbery kisses may be deterring the onset of allergies and boost immunity. For
those with older children who missed this probiotic benefit and/or allergies have already
set in, Bernadoodles have got you covered. Due to very little shedding, this breed is
hypoallergenic making them awesome pets for people dealing with allergies.
Bernadoodles are playful and keep kids active and engaged improving the cardiovascular
system. They are lovable and their desire for attention will not only benefit your dog but
also help your child to feel purpose. Every time they pet a dog or show affection,
hormones are released in their brain that decreases stress and boosts dopamine,
improving moods. So, it’s fair to say a Bernadoodle will make your child happier!
Dogs are beneficial to kids in so many ways but finding the right breed is equally important as simply having a dog. Bernadoodles can help foster important skills that your child will need later in life and aid in protecting their health in an era where it is desperately needed. This breed seems to check all the boxes when it comes to perfect match for supporting the physical and emotional health of kids.

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